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jeudi26 novembre 2009

Blender import WIP _ 26/11/2009

Now M2 are imported with textures (basic textures : no shaders, no effects like transparency, ...) If M2 have only one texture, it is stored in the M2 file, and then it is directly imported with the model. If M2 can have multiple textures, you can design the model with the texture you want with WowModelViewer, export it (with a new export function that I added), then the script can import the generated file with the choosen texture. For characters, you can also design it with WowModelViewer, and export/import it the same way.

Bones are also imported. But no animations yet. Since I would like to play with character animations, I am now trying to improve bones armature, using MancandyFAQ tutorials. I would like to prepare armature for each kind of character. Then, just import mesh, and link it with existing "improved" armature. .... But it’s a long work, and I’m already very busy :(

No pictures today. Lazy to make screenshots, and too busy. A few videos of the script in action can be seen here :

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