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lundi4 janvier 2010

First release

I planned to release a first version of the script nearly 2 months ago. But I am quite busy, and the script didn’t change a lot since that time. I don’t know when I can work seriously on it, so I release it, with lots of missing / buggy / incomplete parts.

First, read the "readme.txt", then, if you have any question, do not hesitate to post here. I will try to answer / fix as fast as I can.

texte - 2.7 ko
Read me first
Zip - 325.2 ko
Blender Script
Import various World of Warcraft models into Blender

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  • hey again, i downloaded the script, but i get an error in the python console.

    File C :\Users\fragsauce\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts\, line 23, in import win32api ImportError : No module win32api

    i am a total noob with python and blender, so i have no idea what i need to do to fix this, as it works for you. i have blender 2.49b and python 2.6.4 btw.

    thanks in advance !!

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    • First release 10 janvier 2010 09:42, par MadSquirrel

      To run the script, you need :
      - full pythin 2.6 install.
      - Pywin32 (here)
      - PIL (here)

      Read the "Readme" file. It also contains a few informations about how to run the script.

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