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Dernier ajout : 4 janvier 2010.

Images et animations d’après modèles de World of Warcraft

First release
Still need a lot of work, but ...
I planned to release a first version of the script nearly 2 months ago. But I am quite busy, and the script didn’t change a lot since that time. I don’t know when I can work seriously on it, so I release it, with lots of missing / buggy / incomplete parts.
First, read the "readme.txt", then, if you have any question, do not hesitate to post here. I will try to answer / fix as fast as I (...)
Blender 2.5
What should I do ? :)
Blender import WIP _ 26/11/2009
Slowly, slowly, but it’s coming !
Now M2 are imported with textures (basic textures : no shaders, no effects like transparency, ...) If M2 have only one texture, it is stored in the M2 file, and then it is directly imported with the model. If M2 can have multiple textures, you can design the model with the texture you want with WowModelViewer, export it (with a new export function that I added), then the script can import the generated file with the choosen texture. For characters, you can (...)
Blender import WIP _ 27/09/2009
WMO gets better. M2 coming ...
Fixed texture bug on WMO (some invisible geometries were rendered with random texture) Here is a correct Booty-Bay :
M2 import started. Make simple first : creatures mesh (objects should work too). Texture and bones will come next. Then, characters.
Blender import WIP _ 27/07/2009
Materials applied on WMO
Now I can import WMO with materials (... with a few bugs :) ).
The main problem was that Blender can use only 16 materials on a same object, but some WoW models have much more (this was not a problem with maxscript, since 3DSMax support up to 256 materials per object) The solution I found is to group faces depending on their material ID, and split the object, so each part have 16 materials assigned max.
First bug is that some textures look misplaced. This is (...)
Blender Import WIP
ADT import not too bad _ WMO import in progress
Still have a few problems with water, in ADT (landscape) files. Position is not correct, and cannot find the correct material to apply.
Fixed the position and orientation problems with WMO. Need to create and apply materials now.
Avatar hunter
Tout simple
Un petit avatar animé de hunter, tout simple, pour garder la main.
Participation au concours
Participation au concours organisé par Darjk sur le theme de WowModelViewer, categorie Creative Artwork. La vidéo réalisée sera disponible ici après avoir été publiée avec les résultats sur le site
19/05/2008 : Apres plus de 3 mois, les résultats du concours n’ont toujours pas été publiés. Voici la vidéo que j’avais proposée.
I participate to the WowModelViewer competition, in the category Creative Artwork. My video will be available here as soon as the (...)
Azerot en colère !
Fait sur commande, pour un avatar de forum.
On a longtemps cru que ca serait un vaporware (meme moi ! :) ), et puis j’ai eu un peu de temps libre ces dernieres semaines, donc je me suis bien accroché, et le voila enfin !
Ce sont principalement des animations extraites du jeu, avec une ou deux animations perso qui se sont glissées dans la tas, et un petit travail sur les enchainements des mouvements, recherche de l’effet "fantome", et voila. Le fond fixe est une simple capture faite avec (...)
Grumpf again
Nouvel equipement, nouvel avatar
Marche + course enchainées de base du jeu, puis customisation des mouvements des bras et des armes.

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